2017 LTB Pink-Out News

First off, “THANK YOU” for all the help and support provided by the Triton Central schools and community members for this wonderful event! This event shows just how caring and giving our community really is and how we embrace tough situations and turn them into positive experiences. The L.T.B. staff and players are both very grateful and thankful to all of you for making this annual event such an exciting experience both on, and even more importantly, off the court! The work we accomplish with this event truly does affect the ladies we recognize in ways that most of us will never understand. As one of the ladies told me after the game….”This is so awesome, I wish everyone in my “CLUB” could experience this once in their lifetime….”. This statement alone makes it all worth it!!! The total check we will be donating to the I.W.I.N. Foundation for this year’s game is……$19,042.57 – A NEW RECORD! In the nine years the L.T.B. program has been doing the Pink-Out game, we have donated over $108,000 to fight breast cancer!!!…..AWESOME JOB TRITON CENTRAL, YOU are AMAZING!!

Much Love and a BIG Thanks……Coach Graham & the Lady Tigers

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