Early Childhood Services

Northwestern Consolidated School District provides preschool programming for children ages 3-5 years old who have significant delays in speech, learning, hearing, vision, motor skills and other areas of development at no cost to parents.

We offer free screenings and evaluations if parents or caregivers suspect their child may have delays in their skills.  Preschoolers who receive early intervention are better prepared to enter kindergarten classes.

You may also contact Terri Branson, Director of Special Education, at 317-835-3003, tbranson@nwshelbyschools.org



Developmental Milestones



Early Literacy

Learning to Read

Early Reading Resource

Letters and Sounds

Early Writing Skills 

Language Development

Recommended Reading



Social Emotional Behaviors

Everyday Ideas to Help Children Increase Social Skills Practice

Parent Tools and Training Modules for Social Emotional Early Development

Practical Strategies for Parents and Caregivers for Teaching Social Emotional Skills



Early Learning Foundations