TCHS Brain Game Competition


Caught an Awesome Tiger in the Act – Junior Jacen Lands (Keeping classmates on task during group work time-positive leadership)


Caught an Awesome Tiger in the Act – Sophomore Austin Crawley (Allowed a troubled student to borrow his chromebook while he shared with another)


Caught an Awesome Tiger – Senior Dequan Lee (Winning team in the SAT class bracket elimination)


Awesome Tiger Caught in the Act – Freshman Cameron Spegal (Assisting w/bringing in community members plants for Greenhouse)


Great time to be a TIGER

WOW…we will have a heliport going on at TC for Friday night football vs Howe!!!

Dave Calabro is bringing Operation Football to Triton Central this week for our sectional game against Howe.

The Zone, WISH-TV’s high school football program with Sports Director Anthony Calhoun will also be here in Tiger Land. 



-Thursday kicks off the LTB season as your state ranked ladies take on Speedway here at TC starting at 6 PM.

-Saturday at Lucas Oil, our stated ranked Marching Tigers perform around 5:15 PM for their chance to be STATE CHAMPIONS!


What a G-R-E-A-T Time to be a TC TIGER!!!  

Salvation Army Christmas Sign-up and Coats for Kids

Salvation Army Post

Parent Teacher Conference

Thursday, October 8th

1pm – 4:30pm :  Individual scheduled appointments with teachers

5pm-8pm : Open table discussions with all teachers in the gym

Parents may contact students teachers to set-up individual times to meet from 1-4:30pm. Teachers may also be contacting parents to set-up meeting times.

If you have any questions you may contact the High School 317-835-3000

Homecoming Dance Video

Powerschool “How to Create An Account”

Powerschool Account Pg 1

Powerschool Account Pg 2Powerschool Account Pg 3

Powerschool Account Pg 4

Host Family Press Release

Host Family Press Release

Athletic Cancelation


Girls Golf match for Wednesday, August 12th  has been canceled!

Summer School 2015


Summer School Flyer 2015


Attention all current Juniors -

All current 11th grade students are required to have a 2nd meningococcal vaccine before entering 12th grade. Call the Shelby County Health Department at 392-6470 or your physician for an appointment now so entry into  12th grade will not be delayed. If you have any questions you may contact the school nurse.

eLearning Day Thursday, 1/8/15

Due to the extremely cold weather and dangerous wind chills, Triton Central Schools will opt to utilize an eLearning day on Thursday, January 8, 2015.  Students are reminded to communicate with their teachers with questions on assigned lessons and submit completed assignments.  The technology hotline (317-480-1298) will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  We have prepared for this day, work hard and take advantage of the opportunity.