Wow, look at our amazing talent with our Art students.


Art Students working on 3D Art Projects


Art Students working on 3D Art Projects


Art Students working on 3D Art Projects


Boys Tennis Sectional Champs


Pink Out Game THIS FRIDAY Jan. 20th

pink out flyer


Order your Yearbooks at the following address. url-banner-4



Get your Pink Out Shirts TODAY, while supplies last. Cost is only $10. Shirts available at all three schools. Pink Out game is scheduled for Friday, January 20th.


Schools on a 2 Hour Delay 12/15/2016

We will be operating on a two hour delay schedule. Child care will be open at Triton Central Elementary at 8:30 a.m.

Buses Delayed

Mechanical malfunction is delaying buses 2, 3 & 11 approximately 20-30 minutes for the High School, Middle School and Elementary routes.

Robotics Competition


TC Archery


TCHS Photo Club “Open House”

Triton Central Photo Club
“Open House” Exhibit
November 10th 7-8pm in MPR
Please come and see the most recent photography from the photo club. Snacks and drinks will be provided.


TCHS Robotics

At TCHS, students apart of the new Digital Electronics course taught by Mr. Brad Martin, have used their skills gained in the classroom to refurbish broken motors used in Robotics and Principles of engineering.  These motors have issues with pinched wires, broken motor pins, and wires separated from the electric motor inside the motor module.  Cole Earl, Ryan Heumann, and Jordan Crouse have refurbished these motors back to the proper specs for use in the classroom, saving the robotics club close to 300 dollars.  The students have now gotten even better at troubleshooting and soldering under the supervision and guidance of Mr. Martin.  Mr. Martin has also designed an extra project for Ryan Heumann and Jordan Crouse.  They created a logic probe for quicker troubleshooting. Ryan proceeded to design a case for the probe and print it on the 3D printer.  They are learning some important concepts of tolerances and manufacturing adjustments when trying to make a design concept a reality.  Ben Wilfong has been working with the 3D printer to optimize our printing ability and make it easier for other students to print.  Currently, there are a lot of things to test and adjust before we can print and Ben is working to clean the parts and check connections to keep issues from happening while printing.  He has also researched and tried methods of making the plastic adhere to the printing bed without peeling up.  Robbie Gossett has taken an interest in the post production of the 3D printed parts.  He has recently dipped the parts in boiled acetone vapor to smooth the edges and shine up the parts under the supervision of our Chemistry teacher Mrs. Lynn Baker.  We will hopefully be able to use the 3D printer to make items designed by the IED students and others who have the desire to create prototypes.img_1310

Powerschool Web Address Has Changed

Over break we have upgraded our Powerschool servers.  The web address has changed for Powerschool and can now be found at .  This link can also be found updated on our schools website as well .  Your old bookmarks in your web browsers will not work with the old Powerschool links any longer and must be updated to the new Powerschool website URL.  We are looking forward to tell you about all the new features in future communications.  We are excited that one of them will be an All New Online Registration for the 2017-2018 school year.  Thank you for all of your support of our Triton Central Schools moving forward.