Volunteer Information

Future Tiger Athletics Coach/Volunteer Information

For the persons interested in Coaching and Volunteering for the Future Tiger Athletic Program of Northwestern Consolidated School District of Shelby County, if in these positions you will be considered a role model for young athletes assigned to your team; therefore sportsmanship, fair play and full participation are all mandatory.

Responsibilities include…

  • Planning and supervising games, practices and events.

  • Teaching young athletes the fundamentals of the sport

  • Encourage parents to get involved in the sport

  • Schedule and conduct parents and other necessary team meetings

  • Provide a safe and fun environment for the kids

  • Learn and follow all league rules, policies and procedures

  • Give each player required playing time

  • Put the well-being of players ahead of your desire to win

  • Attend all league meetings, classes, tryouts and functions


  • Successfully complete the application procedure and pass a background check

  • Sign a Good Sportsmanship & Fair Play Agreement

  • Attend any scheduled coaches meetings

  • Be enthusiastic

  • Worry less about the win at all costs

  • Must be patient, especially with kids

  • Be organized! Organization is critical to your success!

  • Be dependable.

If you fit in the lists given, click HERE to fill out the application view additional information.