New Student Application

Thank you for your interest in Northwestern Consolidated School District of Shelby County.  

To complete an application for admission, please follow the link below.  If you do not have an InfoSnap Account, you will need to create one in order to complete the application.  Below is a short video on how to begin the application process.

2024-2025 Registration is now OPEN

New Student Application Tutorial (Click Here)

New Student Application (Click Here)

Parents or legal guardians of a student seeking enrollment may verify residency through the following method:

  1. Parent/legal guardian must provide both an Indiana driver’s license or state ID with current address and a deed, building permit, rental agreement, mortgage statement, current lease (including term, address of leased property, name and phone number of the lessor, name of the lessee and a listing of tenants), or property tax statement in the parent/legal guardian’s name and at an address in the District boundaries.

  2. Parent/legal guardian must also provide one of the following: a current water bill, gas bill, electric bill, auto insurance bill, bank statement, or pay stub with address in the parent/legal guardian’s name and for an address in the District boundaries.

  3. If, and only if, the parent/legal guardian and student are living with another family member or individual residing in the District’s geographic boundaries, and the parent/legal guardian cannot verify residency through number 1, the parent/legal guardian can provide a sworn and notarized statement from the legal resident of the home in the District’s boundary attesting to the Parent/legal guardian and Student’s residency at the address in the District boundaries.

In the event that a notarized statement of residence is provided, the Parent/legal guardian must still provide one of the documents from number 2 above.  Parents, a legal guardian, or an eligible student shall be advised what is required for  enrollment at the time of the family’s inquiry.

The last school attended by the student shall be contacted at the time of the inquiry and requested to send all appropriate records.

Triton Central Elementary

4976 W 600 N
Fairland, IN 46126
317-835-3005 (Fax)

Elementary School

Triton Central Middle School

4740 W 600 N
Fairland, IN 46126
317-835-3008 (Fax)

Middle School

Triton Central High School

4774 W 600 N
Fairland, IN 46126
317-480-1887 (Fax)

High School