Terri Branson, Director of Special Education
Contact: 317-835-3003

Triton Central Elementary (TCES)

LeAnna Ballard, Special Ed Teacher

April Rife, Special Ed Teacher

Kevin Prickett, Preschool Teacher

Patty Sullivan, Special Ed Teacher

Ashlyn Robbins, Speech and Language Pathologist

Jayna Britt, Speech and Language Pathologist

TCES Contact: 317-835-3003

Triton Central Middle School (TCMS)

Katy Fisher, Special Ed Teacher

Shelley Roby, Special Ed Teacher

Jayna Britt, Speech and Language Pathologist

TCMS Contact: 317-835-3006

Triton Central High School (TCHS)

LeAnne Secrest, Special Ed Teacher

Dana Poe, Special Ed Teacher

Matt Reiter, Special Ed Teacher

Jayna Britt, Speech and Language Pathologist

TCHS Contact: 317-835-3000

Itinerant Staff

Hannah Weaver, School Psychologist

Hannah Scott, School Behaviorist

Brittany Backer, Occupational Therapist

Melanie Brant, Physical Therapist

Qiana Berry, Blind Low Vision Specialist

Betsy Bandy, Deaf Hard of Hearing Specialist

Instructional Assistants

Triton Elementary School

Amber Keeton, Preschool- Prickett’s Rm.

Emily Kissick, Preschool- Prickett’s Rm.

Laurie Humphreys- Sullivan’s Rm.

Debbie Rogian- Sullivan’s Rm.

Gracie Gore-Sullivan’s Rm.

Sheryl Parrish- Rife and Ballard

Triton Middle School

Triton High School

Robert Denton- Poe's room

Kim McGivern- Poe's room

Kayla Hizer- Secrest’s Rm.

 Rhonda Able -Subbing for Kayla Hizer until October

 LeAnna Nugent- Secrest’s Rm.