Earlier this morning, a NWCSD student was grabbed on the arm by an adult non-parental male at a bus stop.   The student is unharmed and the suspect has been detained for questioning by local law enforcement.  All students on the bus route are safe and have been delivered to campus.   NWCSD is working with local law enforcement and the family regarding the legal repercussions of this incident.

NWCSD is grateful for the quick response and action from its driver, the students and local law enforcement in assuring that the safety of our students remains our foremost priority.   At this time, it would appear to be an isolated incident that does not represent a broader concern or threat to our students.  

We appreciate your assistance in reminding your student(s) to remain aware of their surroundings and vigilant in ensuring their safety at all times. 

Mr. Chris Hoke


Northwestern CSD of Shelby County