College Application Process

Seniors completing college applications should APPLY EARLY! The Guidance Office needs 2 weeks to process your applications. Please plan ahead by submitting your materials well ahead of application deadlines. It is recommended that students have all college applications completed by mid-October in order to meet college/university application and scholarship deadlines.

The following are steps we take for processing all student college applications…

  1. Students go on-line to the college or university website to complete the application and pay application fee. If you are eligible for free/reduced lunch or are a 21st Century Scholar, you may be able to request a fee wavier. Please see your counselor. 

  2. Applications may require some or all of the following: letters of recommendation, essays, personal statements, and secondary school reports to be completed by your counselor (most of the time your counselor will complete these forms online through Naviance – see step 3). General questions regarding your application or the admissions process for a particular school should be directed to the college/university to which you applied. Admissions counselors want to hear from YOU, the student!

  3. After the student’s on-line application is completed the student will need to request their high school transcripts from the high school. Students should go to their Naviance account and request that the transcript be sent to the college or university of your choice. Transcripts are generally sent directly from your school to the college. Using this link allows us to electronically send your transcripts and secondary high school report to the college.

  4. Send ACT/SAT Scores – any student who has taken the ACT or SAT test is reminded to send the student scores to the colleges and universities to which the student applies. The student is responsible for sending scores directly from the testing agency to the college.


You will be accepted, denied or deferred usually within 4-6 weeks. If you have questions about your application or acceptance you should contact the college admissions office or see your counselor.